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Rob Smith, the founder of GAW System started his life on the road in the early 1970's with the group "Really Free", who toured the UK for most of that decade. In this time he encountered the usual variety of venues encountered by small touring bands of that era: Church halls, village halls, school halls and the like. Giving a background in the needs of both the band and the venue. The 1980's were a quiet time - he decided to go off and get a degree, changed jobs moved from his roots in Middlesex to his current home in Staffordshire. The 1990's saw a resurgence in his live music activities, often with borrowed equipment he finally bought his own rig just in time for the Millennium celebrations Tamworth. The current decade has seen an expansion of the hire rig to a 3.6k FOH rig, which can be split down to a number of smaller configurations dependant upon the client's requirements, which can cover just about everything from the smallest of "back garden" events to Lichfield Cathedral! The installation side is more a background service, predominating in "specify and supply", rather than turnkey installation, but both can be catered for. Being independent of any single source we will offer what you, the client needs as opposed to many who will sell you what they make the biggest margins on, or they have in stock. For more information on our installation services please contact us directly so we may discuss your requirements.

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